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The fifth week review: tiger reversal wins

The last section reversal Tiger overtime victory over the airport
Performance does not expect this season in Seattle airport's Cincinnati tigers still unbeaten. Airport won once see hope, but tiger doggedly in the last minute to equalise and overtime by free-kick to beat the opponent. Although the game tigers first touchdown, but after the game was incorporated into the rhythm of the airport. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) finish one passing touchdown, replace the injured Ma Xiaoen Lynch (Marshwn Lynch) on the running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) to obtain the ball 69 yards at touchdown. In addition, the airport defense caused two ball conversion, the security guard Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) before his own end zone four points stolen tiger WeiAnDi - Dalton (Andy Dalton) passes, and line guard Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) is in the third quarter, snatching away the ball to touchdown. Entering the fourth quarter before the airport has built a 17 point lead. But in the fourth quarter of the mutation, airport attack group lose touch, are unable to advance over half. And tiger side, Dalton first second with tight end Taylor Mr Ford (Tyler Eifert) complete passing touchdown, then rushed the ball to touchdown, in normal time not call pause rate in the last wave attack promoting 69 yards, eventually tiger complete free-kick was going to the game into extra-time. Into extra-time airport after the attack group continued to slide, and tiger, finally meet victorious in the second wave of attack from his own 43 yards after began to attack them smoothly advance to the airport line 24 yards, tiger succeed playing into the free kick, with 27 to 24 victory over the airport. Dalton 44 passing thirty times success with two touchdowns, this is the second time in the history of the tiger back 17 cent cent difference and win.
The overtime defense stolen contributions Falcon thrilling victory over the red one
After all the Atlanta falcons at home for a mediocre Washington red one, but the game is to be difficult than expected. Well before the quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) and wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) was restricted, failed to hit the expected performance. Fortunately, red one attack weak, both sides attack group a total of 5 turnovers ball conversion. But entering the fourth quarter when the game starts up, the two sides to lead, in the run WeiDe wundt Freeman (Devonta Freeman) at the last minute to complete six yards rushing after touchdown help falcons lead red-skinned quarterback RON Kirk, hyacinth (Kirk Cousins) successfully led the team to advance free range, red one scored a free kick to the game into extra-time. But with red-skinned into extra-time exam Cousins in overtime has pass the first wave of attack was stolen. Wide lane - Grant (Ryan Grant) slip in falcon Angle davidleibs - Alford (Ray Alford) easily stolen and attack back 59 yards and touchdown. The game falcon running back freeman is still the most dazzling star, he catches the ball made a total of 197 yards 1 touchdowns. Falcon 25-19th victory over the red one.
Four points WeiMaiKao play dazzling Brown overtime victory over the crow
Cleveland and Baltimore ravens brown al north district civil war, the two teams had lost 13, 14 times in brown but it brown in the quarterback Josh McCain (Josh McCown) inglewood led by free-kick in overtime victory over the crow. Before the game three crow has an advantage, at the beginning of the third quarter they will even lead to 12 points. But Mr Brown attack form so suddenly, McCain repeatedly to complete the big yards in the next game and ourselves rushed the ball pass each 1 touchdowns. Mr Brown will take. But the crow quickly through the running back Justin - fawcett (Justin Forsett) of the ball to lead. Again unable to stop, but Mr Brown the offense.the McCain and running back the messiah - he will (Isaiah Crowell) complete touchdown catch 22 yards to cooperate, the crow at the last minute to free range and by scoring the game into overtime. But overtime after the start of the crow offensive set is declaring the misfiring, third gear directly attacking play, not abandon and seize the opportunity to brown the offense.the smoothly all the way to the crow 14 yards. Brown eventually shot successful match, 33-30 over the crow. McCain 51 times pass 36 times the game success with a brown team history record 457 yards two touchdowns.
Running back Martin three touchdown savior The pirates beat the jaguar
In game 5 turnovers in the ball after conversion, took jamie si - Winston (Jameis Winston) will rebound become the focus of attention. The game he did not sent out to the ball again translation error, but Tampa bay buccaneers victory run use case is the biggest contributor - Martin (Doug Martin), while the Jacksonville jaguars tasted not protect the right of the strike of serious consequences. Although the jaguar quarterback Blake - bo toth (Blake Bortles) 33 times pass 23 times success with 303 yards of four touchdowns, but he was the only time pass stolen pirates gives good offensive position, eventually lead to the pirates to obtain the touchdown. While the jaguar in the third quarter dropped the ball directly by the pirate attack back touchdown. Pirates are staying ahead throughout the match, Winston 19 times pass 13 successful 209 yards 1 touchdowns, this is the only touchdown to Martin. Martin and 24 times the game at the ball 123 yards two touchdowns. Pirates 38-31 victory over the jaguar, end 11 in a row.
Other results:
St. Louis RAMS 10 to 24 green bay packers
The Chicago bears 18-17 Kansas city chiefs
The New Orleans saints 17 to 39 Philadelphia eagles
Buffalo bill 14 to 13 Tennessee Titan
Arizona cardinals 42-17 Detroit lions
Denver broncos 16-10 Oakland raiders
New England patriots 30-6 Dallas cowboys